Unicorn Consulting Solutions

Project and Program Management for the Transportation Industry

Impossible Redefined

We help clients effectively plan, execute, and monitor their capital projects and programs by proactively identifying and addressing the biggest challenges for more successful outcomes.

Overcome obstacles and maximize success for transportation program management.
Overcome Obstacles

Collaborative Project Management to Maximize Success

Every project presents its unique challenges, including unexpected changes, resource coordination, submittal turnaround, and everything in between. At Unicorn Consulting Solutions, every challenge is an opportunity for customized problem-solving and lessons learned. Our leadership has a proven track record of analyzing project status at any stage, from planning to closeout, and collaboratively working through challenges with project teams to effectively keep projects moving forward.
Coordinate Effective Programs

Proactive Program Management for Optimal Impact

We believe that programs are only as good as the projects that are included. Successful projects result in fruitful programs that achieve their intended impact in the short and long term. Our leadership has experience working on a wide variety of major capital programs. These programs include a broad range of projects, from platform repairs to the complete rehabilitation of train stations. As a result, we can effectively identify common issues unique to each program and recommend mitigation measures. This helps to ensure the success of future projects and ultimately, the overall program.

Coordinate effective programs for optimal impact.
Consulting partner for transportation program management.
There When You Need Us

Distinct Project and Program Management Consulting Partner

Our expertise in Project and Program Management, combined with our knowledge and experience in a wide variety of complex engineering and construction projects, allows us to assess projects from multiple viewpoints. This results in proactive risk identification and problem-solving to address the clients’ goals, concerns, and vision for success.

Who We Serve

Federal Government

  • Program Management Support
  • Contract Management
  • Grant Analysis
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Technical Reviews
  • Feasibility Analysis

Transit Agencies

  • Project/Program Management Support
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Project Oversight and Compliance
  • Project Planning
  • Project Controls
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation Planning
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Change Management
  • Contractor Management

Private Consulting Firms

Skilled Small Business Subconsultant. Subject Matter Expert in:

  • Project / Program Management
  • Scope, Schedule, Budget Development / Analysis
  • Budgeting/Forecasting
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Risk Management

What Sets Us Apart?

Years Experience in Transit




Total Project Value

$2 Billion

Cost Efficiencies

$5 Million

Transit Agencies


Federal Transit Regions


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