Project & Program Management Consulting

Organizing Your Large-Scale Projects for Success

Your time is valuable, and your projects are demanding. Project and Program Managers in the transit industry are typically engineers that bring a wealth of technical knowledge to the project. However, they often get burdened with scope, schedule, budget, and other project/program management factors.


Solutions for Your Challenges

At Unicorn Consulting Solutions, we specialize in project and program management best practices while understanding the complex technical process of planning, engineering, and implementing Federally funded initiatives. Delegate your most pressing project and program tasks to us. You can rest assured that we will effectively address your concerns by evaluating and implementing detailed solutions, so your engineers can focus on the vital task of engineering. Solutions include: 

Funding & Execution

Using our experience in Federal grant requirements and oversight procedures to support the funding and execution of major capital projects.

Problem Solving

Identifying common issues, assessing root cause, and implementing mitigation measures for more efficient Capital Programs.

Planning & Monitoring

Skillful application of project and program management knowledge to effectively plan, monitor, and control the most complex projects.

Building & Maintaining Communication

Applying a goal-oriented approach, prioritizing a collaborative effort, and building rapport with stakeholders to ensure expectations are clear and communication is continuous throughout the life of the project.

Improving Outcomes Across the Board

Working with Unicorn Consulting Solutions can achieve:

Technical goals

of the projects while ensuring compliance with Federal requirements.

Capital Programs

that continually thrive through effective implementation of lessons learned and best practices.

Development of strong

stakeholder relations for increased industry knowledge sharing, lessons learned, and optimal teaming on future projects.